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Apple intel iMac

Mac logo

I decided to become a "Switcher" when the new intel macs came out.

Duck hr

I have always tried to avoid buying a Windows PC, I even held onto my old Acorn machine, which is still going strong after 12 years. Finally after seeing a demo of the new Mac OS X operating system I was hooked, now was the time to finally buy something new.

Don't worry I still have my RISC PC which I still think is an amazing machine, I think even Apple could learn some ideas about its user interface.

The iMac comes loaded with lots of useful applications, something which you don't get with Windows (Lots of trial versions and missing a lot of basic stuff which you have to pay extra for).

Yes I know Macs are more expensive, but I felt I got a more "Complete package" with this machine.

Also lets face it, the hardware is a thing of beauty.

iMac desktop screenshot   iMac busy desktop screenshot

Current set up of the iMac:

20inch wide screen display
Intel core duo CPU
2 Gbytes RAM
250 Gbytes hard disk (With a 320 Gbytes external USB hard disk)
ATI RadeonX1600 GPU with 256 Mbytes RAM
JBL Creature II speakers

The machine also has Boot Camp installed which runs Windows XP in a 15 Gbytes partition, which is used for playing PC games.

iMac desktop machine

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