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Archos 605

This page is dedicated to using the Archos 605 player with a mac running Leopard

Archos 605
Duck hr

Using an iMac running Leopard as a wireless bridging network for an Archos 605 player

Maybe this will work for other Archos players. I have a 605 and nearly gave up trying to work out how to do it. Actually it's not that difficult but there isn't a complete guide anywhere. So I did it by searching round the net for snippets of information and a *lot* of trial and error

Setting up the mac:

So first make sure your iMac is connected to the internet via your ethernet port and everything is working.

Then on the mac go into System Preferences and select the Sharing icon.

Click on the Internet tab. Then Share your connection from: Built in Ethernet (I didn't understand this at first, but it means the internet is coming from the port on the back of your mac, obvious really).

Then To computers using check the Airport box.

Next job is to select the Airport options button.

In the next window enter a name, something simple that you can identify your network with from any other WIFI networks.

Select WEP encryption with a strength of 128bits (Higher security).

Type a 13 digit password in. What I did was peck out 13 random keys from the keyboard (Numbers or letters or both will do) but write down which keys you use! This will give you a very strong password.

Then click the OK button.

Click Start in the Internet Sharing panel. Hey you are done! You should have a running encrypted WIFI network running from the mac end.

Ok, now to use the mac to get information about what to type into the Archos player

Start up the Terminal application (It's in the utilities folder in the Applications folder) and type in ifconfig en1 (Enter).

Look for: inet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx netmask the x-es is the IP address which you need to write down.

Then type dig (Enter). This will spit out some more information

Towards the bottom look for the word SERVER: The number after that is the IP address you will use as the DNS server. Write it down.

So now you should have a working WIFI connection and the WEP password, the IP address and the DNS address. Hooray! You are ready to set up the Archos player.

Setting up the Archos player:

On the main screen of the Archos player select Web this will start the WIFI connection and make it search for networks. It should find the one you set up on the mac. It will list it as WEP encrypted. Click on it.

Select the Configuration as Manual. Automatic doesn't seem to work for the mac.

Select Encryption strength as 128bits.

Select Password as Hexadecimal. For the password itself I will come back to that in a second.

Select Authentication as Shared key

The IP address is the one you got from the mac, make it slightly bigger. So if you got then type in

Subnet mask is

Gateway is the IP address unchanged, eg

Primary DNS is the DNS server number you got from the mac.

Coming back to the Password. This is the 13 character one you typed into the mac and wrote down. You need to convert this into Hexadecimal. I have knocked up a script to convert it for you.

Enter password here:

Hexadecimal output:

(Don't worry i'm not collecting passwords, heck i'm not even in range of your WIFI connection ;-P )

Type the output in as your password without the spaces (Spaces are to make it easier to read on here) in the Archos player using the HEX keypad that appears.

Select Connect and your internet will burst into life. The Archos online help pages are completely rubbish and won't help you at all.

For future connections to this WIFI network all you need to do is open the Web icon on the Archos main screen and it should remember the setting and automatically connect and go straight to the browser. Just make sure the airport connection on the mac is running.

This is more a guide for myself but you may find it (very) useful.

As an extra, because the bookmarks folder on the Archos player is a bit fiddly, I created my own custom start page then I don't need to create bookmarks. I just edit the start page on my normal computer and upload it to the net.

My Archos start page is here.

It looks awful on a normal computer but formats perfectly on the Archos player.

Added 21st January 2008.

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