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Look out it's a Heavy!

Team Fortress 2

FuzzySpace signature

Many thanks to Deadly Impact for drawing the signature image you can see above ;-)

During the dark winter months I have kept myself entertained in the evening by discovering this great game from Valve.

Team fortress 2 is part of the Orange box from Valve, it includes Half Life 2 with parts one and two. Also the excellent portal.

Click the play button to see the trailer...

Well that told you nothing about the game, but it looks nice.

I'm currently a member of the USK clan.

       This is a gaming clan mostly dedicated to playing Team Fortress 2.

       Nothing too serious, a friendly bunch of people who enjoy playing the game online together.

       Here are a few links to the stat pages:

Team Fortress 2

View my Steam profile and stats online here

USK server stats here

My Team Fortress 2 sprays

Here are some TF2 sprays I have designed, to save them right click and save as image, they will be saved the correct size.

They can be used ingame and sprayed on the walls of the play area, nice.

For now this page is a "Work in progress..."

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