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Welcome to my website

My Acorn logo


This is my tiny little corner of the internet where I keep my stuff, I wonder if anyone visits?

Duck hr

Im currently experimenting with CSS at the moment, so the whole website has a new look to it. I'm keeping it simple now, but im sure it will grow, get out of hand, then become an uncontrollable monster and will eat cities etc.

I also like to write my pages by hand, which is a really slow way of doing things. Also it's sprinkled with Javascript here and there. There is a page with has some examples of DHTML scripts, feel free to make use of them on your own webpages because they are currently sitting around doing nothing.

Hopefully my webpage will start to grow a bit as I add stuff to it. Just depends on how much time I get these days.

Hello to all those people who know me and if you have found this for the first time, good grief, you really are lost on the internet aren't you.

Clicky buttons are at the top, you know the rest.

Updated 2nd June 2009.

Added a few extra pictures into my Vstrom and Gallery pages.

This includes extra scans of the little person soon to visit us...


(Space ducks?)

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