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On Five tips for ROL over the next five years:

As a Select subscriber, though not willing to put my number in a public forum though i can send it to riscosboss if he likes, since the start, I have mixed feelings about how to approach this. On one hand I have invested a lot of money in the scheme but then I have had the benefits over the years before a lot of other people so in a lot of ways I have had something out of my investment. On the other hand very few applications make use of some of the features so that has limited the scope for maximising my investment. One way out of this is for ROL to make say the last stable set of API and non user facing features available for all i.e say take these from 4.39 and when RO6 goes to the next level, say 6.xx then make 6.xx elements available this means people can still get something out of the investment and the OS does move forward.

There are always people who want things for "free" and it's not just in computing but I do think moving to a rolling set of freely available updates makes sense though again only those at ROL can know if it makes financial sense.

What would make my investment even more value would be some Iyonix components and though late it may be better then never as they say but just a pity that it was only at Wakefield we were told that Select for iyonix was dead so i guess I would have to reserve judgement on that value to I actual see it.

Finally I would like to see ROL/ROOL show some public display of unity on moving forward if for no other reason that to at least silence the constant ownership debate though I don't hold up much hope given some of the entrenched positions on both supporters sides, though perhaps not from those involved in both ROL/ROOL.

 is a RISC OS Userbluenose on 2/6/09 7:01PM
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On Five tips for ROL over the next five years:

I agree with the items identified as being good aditions to RISC OS and as has been stated the simple changes to the UI for setting up networking makes things look and feel a lot slicker. As you also say ROL are between a rock and a hard place in that they need money to do the updates and hence have the Select scheme but because it is a payable option then not everyone gets access to the good additions like the alpha stuff. In an ideal work then ROL would give away for free the components that need wider adoption and then the whole user base could make use of them but I don't think ROL could survive in their present form if they did that however by virtually giving away RO4.02/RO4.39 as softloads to RO3.7/RO4.02 respectively then I at least think they are trying to extend the user base for their components

 is a RISC OS Userbluenose on 1/6/09 7:33PM
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On Five tips for ROL over the next five years:

In Reply "Then you have the Iyonix that ROL promised an OS for. Again, not a sausage. I think that points very strongly to it not being very good, no?"

Or perhaps RISC OS land politics to be more precise.

There are nice touches in RO6 and the Select branch like the animated menu's when you open them up close to the edge of the screen, better support of image filing etc but as you say a bit lost if no one uses the added features and even more of a loss if there is no new hardware to work on but I guess ROL know this hence the emulation route they have taken.

I think ROL have done things well in a market that doesn't have great funds but I think as SA110 says they need to start thinking out of the box a littel more.

 is a RISC OS Userbluenose on 15/5/09 6:26PM
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On First screenshot: Beagleboard runs RISC OS 5 desktop:

Well done to all those involved in this project and very interesting USB-Lan converter and the Store and Go device.

Looks like things are coming together for a new way to get RISC OS.

 is a RISC OS Userbluenose on 10/5/09 7:49PM
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On RISC OS Open 5.14 now available for free download:

Tried 5.14 softload first and also flashed my Iyonix from 5.13 to 5.14 all without a single issue.

There a couple of issues with seemingly strange changes in the actual version numbers of some modules which seem to have gone back version numbers but this seems to be as a result of the merging of sources and and does not mean the modules are actually older versions than in 5.13.

 is a RISC OS Userbluenose on 29/4/09 5:56PM
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